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Woodlands Professional Counseling offers marriage counseling, couples counseling, premarital counseling, family therapy, and relationship therapy.  In addition, individual counseling is provided on issues such as anger management, depression, anxiety, grief counseling and more.  All services are provided in a warm, comfortable, confidential, and encouraging environment.

Marriage Counseling 
Marriage Counseling, or Couples Therapy helps couples of all types recognize and resolve conflicts and improve relationships.  During the process each partner is encouraged to explore key issues related to personality, perception, values and history.  This allows each partner to make thoughtful decisions about the relationship including decisions about what modifications are needed in the relationship and in the behavior of each partner for both to feel satisfied with the relationship. 

Premarital Counseling
Premarital counseling provides assurance that the couple will be taking the step into marriage with an understanding of each other’s expectations regarding roles, parenting, religion, sex and more. Additional focus is given to enhancing communication skills, conflict resolution, and examination of any ongoing family of origin or other life experience stressors.

Individual Counseling 
Individual counseling is available for people who are struggling with feelings of stress, unease, anxiety or depression stemming from issues such as life transitions and change, relationship issues, divorce, grief and loss, and other problems that can impede one’s general sense of well-being and/or happiness.  

David Weir, LPC - Marriage and Couples Counselor

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