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What if there has been an affair? Can therapy help then?
Absolutely! I won't attempt to mislead you and tell you it will be easy, but it is possible to rebuild the foundation of the relationship and learn to trust each other again.  I have had many successes in my practice. An affair causes substantial damage to the partner who was not unfaithful. There has to be a significant amount of damage control and repair work done before moving forward together. 

Explain more as to your role of a Marriage Counselor?
As your Marriage Counselor, in sessions I will not just act as a sounding board for your arguments or choose one side. I will be an active participant in providing direction for the sessions, probing and working through confrontation, offering clarification and new ideas, and evaluating boundaries. Together we will find the path to making positive changes in your relationship.

How many sessions will Marriage Counseling take?
All couples are unique. and each relationship has its own set of challenges to overcome. Some couples frustrations are simply resolved with a few sessions of open, honest communication. Others have more complicated problems that need more in depth counseling over a longer time span. I also have clients that continue to seek couples counseling periodically after their initial ‘problems’ are resolved, in order to refresh the relationship tools that assist them in keeping their bond strong and their relationship connected.

Why therapy? Shouldn’t I be able to make things better on my own?
No doubt you have already tried many ways to make things better. Therapy is like getting tools for your toolbox. If you wanted to build a house, you would need a whole set of various tools in your toolbox. Relationship Management tools are acquired through our life experiences and what we have learned from others. Couples Therapy can be a very effective way to add tools you need to cope with changes, stresses or difficulties life brings. No one’s toolbox comes completely equipped! There are times when we all can benefit from learning new skills.

David Weir, LPC - Marriage and Couples Counselor

We’ve tried Marriage Therapy before and it wasn’t helpful. Why should we try again?
Truly, I understand, because I've had clients with similar experiences. The quick answer is you keep trying until you find something that works. Your relationship is too important to settle for less.  As your Therapist, my passion and my mission is to do everything I can to help you improve your relationship and your life.  

What is the first step towards a happier and more fulfilling relationship?
If you are looking for a Marriage Counselor in The Woodlands, Conroe, Spring, Tomball, Magnolia, or North Houston area, the first step is to find a highly experienced Marriage Counselor that you trust, and schedule an initial consultation. In the first counseling session you will introduce yourselves and your concerns. Your Marriage Counselor will ask you questions to get an overall feel for your relationship problems, discuss your expectations, and assess an overall game plan for reaching those goals.

Marriage/Couples Counseling is expensive. How can I justify the expense?
Couples Therapy is expensive. That’s why I'm committed to providing the best services I can and keeping each session focused. But consider it from this perspective - the average cost for a divorce in the US is $15,000. Therapy is clearly a better value! It is an investment in your future, but the greater question is how can you not justify spending money on therapy if it means having a healthy, vibrant marriage? People spend thousands of dollars on health clubs and diets and prescription medications for their other needs. Don’t let your emotional and mental health be less important. If you knew chances could be favorable that you would be happier, more fulfilled, and more connected after therapy, wouldn’t you go for it?  Please give me a call to arrange an appointment so we can get started!

Is it worth going to Counseling if my spouse won’t go?
Individual Counseling can effectively focus on issues you are having in your relationship. Your Individual Therapy sessions can help you with stress management, anger, and depression caused by a strained marriage. It may even encourage your partner to attend therapy.  I often advise a partner to approach their reluctant spouse with "just come with me for one session to see what the counseling is like".  My experience is that, in the large majority of cases, once the couple has attended the first session, both partners are more comfortable, they better recognize the value of the sessions, and they are on board with moving forward with Couples Counseling.

Questions and Answers about Marriage/Couples Counseling